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A great contest from the the mistress of the small, the minute, the miniature.

The Mini Garden Guru

It’s the Annual Miniature Garden Contest!

It’s contest time!

We usually try to aim for July/August with this contest but because the summer weather here in the States has been extreme for most, we’ve put it off starting the contest for a few weeks, and we’re extending the deadline to the end of October, to give you ample time to get a miniature garden together.

We’ve changed it up a bit from last year’s contest and last year’s Halloween contest. The main criteria is that is a “Two Green Thumbs’ Miniature Garden” meaning, the majority of the plants and accessories used in your submission need to be from our online store, OR a Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center product that you found at your local garden center** (See below!) We really want to see how you use our items! And since we are so close the holidays by the…

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