The Styled Ramblings of Heavy Petal's Bruce Bailey

The New Southern Casual

The Park Hill Collection just keeps catching my eye. Yes, I have to walk by it. Yes, it draws me in.


Elegant reclaimed wood pieces, stylish and paired down mixed with vintage feeling prints, rustic metals and those dang sheep I got to have.

Truly, these are great! They are cast from molds of old/vintage pieces in a nice featherstone and given a weathered finish–just awesome.

Lanterns, framed mirrors, and other accessories that blend equally from the outside to the inside. All compliment a savvy sense of finish and presentation that can hit a wide rang of price-points.

Helen Yoest, garden writer and Raleigh, North Carolina resident commented to me, “A combination of contemporary south and old plantation before the days that were gone with the wind.”

I would have to agree with Helen that southern style has never looked better.


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