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Thinking small at IGC

Don’t assume I am telling you to cut down on your spending–I am not!
I am suggesting you think about miniature and fairy gardening.

I am loving the miniature garden format. Seeing this in England six years ago I was wondering what the deal is? Gosh, who would want to do this?

The answer is you do.

This is a great idea! Janit Calvo with Two Green Thumbs turned me on to this. Containerized, gardening within a window-box, what have you– it’s all good.

People, if you live in apartment, a condo, or maybe you have limited space–miniature gardening just might be for you.

Retailers, be forewarned, this is a trend, not even new, but it’s on fire.



One response

  1. Very cute!

    August 17, 2011 at 5:54 pm

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