The Styled Ramblings of Heavy Petal's Bruce Bailey

Re-thinking signs around the nursery- qurify!

I have been thinking about this for a while now. I have these signs about plants that people can read but they still want printed information on them. I am not a fan of loads of paper fliers that get faded in the sun or too easily wet when watered.

Along comes a spider–or at least something new in the technology realm. QR codes.

You have seen them popping up on product tags like some jumbled bar code but they hold more information than just a price code.

I am now on a quest. Clients, customers, visitors be warned. BE aware is more like it! I am qurifying all my signs. You will have to use a smart phone if you want to know the price, what the plant is and any other info I have put on the sign. Zone, watering, where to plant–it can all go on there.


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