The Styled Ramblings of Heavy Petal's Bruce Bailey

Coleus—not the shade plant you thought they were.

Coleus are great plants for containers. I cannot resist using them in almost all the summer planting that I do for myself or for clients.

I have had many people come up and ask me what I am planting? Their bright-colored leaves make people curious. When I say they are coleus the reaction I get most often is—”Aren’t those shade pants?”

Well, yes, some are shade plants. The Kong series are shade plants with their huge leaves. They need those huge leaves to capture the filtered light.  But the small-leaved varieties are great sun plants. I live in the desert, we don’t have shade.

When I plant coleus in containers I like to drench the roots. This season I have been drenching them in Haven Brand Moo Poo Tea giving the coleus the best advantage to establish. I would suggest feeding them the tea at least once a month throughout the summer. I am starting to become a big believer of the Moo Poo Tea.

Bright and ‘designer’ in feeling, don’t let the sun frighten you from planting these tough little plants.


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