The Styled Ramblings of Heavy Petal's Bruce Bailey

Catching Up! Life Is a Dervish If You Are WIlling To Spin For It.

Alright, where to start?

I spoke to my first large crowd. I was told there was about 350 people who attended my presentation/talk on containers. It was a triple feature and had a movie theme which adds a touch of entertainment—A Container Named Desire, Plant on a Hot Tin Roof, The Plant Menagerie (True Confessions of a Plantaholic). It was great and I thank those who let me beg and borrow images. The Inland Empire Gardeners are a great group and if you are approached to speak at one of their meetings you really should not hesitate.

Spokane Garden Expo was the weekend after Mother’s Day and its a one day show with a lot of bang. Number two garden show in the State of Washington. They say 25,000 people attend it on the one day it is held. Yes, a one day show—300 vendors and people ready to shop! Where was their tweet-up?

My greenhouse has been filled to the gills and is almost to the point of puking plants! I am serious. I turn around and I have another 500 bare-root or plugs delivered? What am I doing besides planting it all and watering them? Oh yeah, I know what I am doing. I am endeavoring to take care of all my container clients and make sure all of them are happy. Easier said than done—the weather has just warmed up.

Its been a cool and wet spring and the weeds have taken over around the nursery. I am on the defense there and will be mowing, burning, torching and doing what I can to get a hold of my sales yard again. Being in the country is charming and all, but the weeds have minds of their own.

This week I am getting the garden planted. It’s a must. I will be writing a couple more posts and feeling more myself than like“The United States of Tara” that’s for sure.

I have recently purchased for myself a few more antique roses and am currently endeavoring to do my own containers. I don’t have much of a social life.

Work, garden, Farmers Market—my mother (for those of you who know about the situation)—these things don’t leave much time for a social life.

So a short list of what to look in the coming couple weeks.

Antique Roses and why I think you should grow them.

Planting out my garden.

Container madness—or how I became mad?

What is this F’ed up sedum?


So out into the garden I go!


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