The Styled Ramblings of Heavy Petal's Bruce Bailey

Sweet, Sweet Peas


Lathyrus odoratus Matucana

I have never really thought about sweet peas much untill a couple of years ago. A friend had me arrange flowers for her future daughter-in-law’s wedding party and me being the type of wing it person I am decided since I had to travel across the state to do this I would buy the flowers at the local Farmers Market.

There were two vendors hat sold flowers at the Market that day. Lilies were in season. The bride was using an assortment of pinks so Stargazer lilies were perfect for flower arrangements on the altar. Then I started to look around at what else I could use. Zinnias, snapdragon, larkspur/Delphinium and sweet peas.

I stumbled upon this small flower that was sweetly fragrant, a bit of spice and in a broad range of pinks. I could do bridesmaid bouquets easily and still work them into the bridal bouquet. Corsages and boutonieres could have a touch of sweet pea as well. I could work them into table arrangements for a looser, informal look. I scored the jackpot and bought two bucket loads.

Last year I decided I would grow a few sweet peas…few my rear end. Before I knew it I had purchased 22 different packs of select cultivars and several different packs of mixed seed. Did I just want them to see what I wanted to use? Was it plant lust? I really don’t know.

What I do know is that I enjoyed bringing in the cut flowers and giving them to friends as well.

Lathyrus odoratus Incense Peach Shades

This year I found myself ordering sweet pea seed without hesitation. Heirloom selections, new color mixes, old-fashioned, and traditional varieties.

So here is my list. I have it pretty well-trimmed down. I also have a ‘theme’ or my artistic eye is just looking at small bouquets of them set around my home. Guess I will just have to wait and find out if my eye and my gut were good judges.

Streamers Mix (

Incense Peach Shades (

Royal Family Navy Blue (

Chatsworth (for those that know me, you know why I chose this cultivar) (

Black Knight ( and Grandiflora 1898

Painted Lady ( dates back to 1730

Beaujolais ( and Spencer Traditional Wave

Matucana ( Grandiflora 1699

Cupani ( Grandiflora 1695

High Scent ( Modern Spencer Wave

Leamington ( Spencer Traditional Wave

Lathyrus odoratus High Scent

Now the only thing I am going to leave you not knowing is how many packs of each I have in fact did purchase. I don’t need to boast, but I must also admit I did hold back and not buy as many as I would have liked.

I have stumbled along  and come across many sites that feature sweet peas.

I think next year i will be working on a small display of old, old varieties as well as growing them for my home, friends, and own benefit.


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