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Has Spring Sprung? I Better Figure This Out Quickly.

Spring is upon us, or me, so I think. I thought I was ready, prepared, scratching for it—I don’t know.

As of yesterday its official—Spring 2011 is here. It was a cruddy day for weather. Windy, cloudy, rainy, and forty-five degrees.  I was in the greenhouse which was more mild at sixty-eight degrees than the previous day at 100! OK, the previous day reeked of spring. Sunshine, no breeze, and just about perfect.

I have flats lined up. I am planting seeds, cleaning up plants, watering pots/plants out int the growing yard. Hydrangeas have been trimmed, some moved up to larger containers. Flowering shrubs have been fertilized. It’s a chore at times, but the winter was tight for me this year, and I am waiting/putting off getting help. 

Seeding out vegetable starts in a priority this season. Tomatoes are the king crop around here. Twenty-six varieties this year, going to grow some of each as well. Trying to keep the vegetable starts organic, I am not certified, but that doesn’t mean I can’t practice.

Flowers will be next. Peren nials are already awakening in the greenhouse. Hibiscus moscheutos are surfacing in their pots. Plants left from last year have awaken. My seedlings that I have been nurturing are up like gangbusters, four to five stems each in quart size pots. Very exciting for me. Other perennials are up as well. I have even pulled the Sempervivums in so they can be big and showy for Spokane’s Garden Expo in May. I have some really great red forms and they look good next to Sedum ‘Angelina’.

Heucheras that were plugs last year, that I stuck in 3.5 inch pots to over-winter, are up and ready to be moved into six-inch pots. Other plants like herbaceous potentilla, that seem to have fallen out of fashion because of geums, have risen covered in felt and ready to dazzle the world with their crimson, burgundy, and luscious pink blossoms.  It’s their year—color is back and bold.

Unusual annuals are being started, color for containers and the garden. Lime, purple, yellow, red and blue. I am just thinking that I am late on making cuttings off my Strobilanthes—I won’t need them until May as it is. Nicotiana, amaranth, select verbena, salvias, and 3.5 inch pots of sweet peas are just waiting to rise up. 

All this is a good sign—an assurance or life renewed. Guess I better get out and get cracking. Summer will be here before we know it.


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  1. I love Potentilla…although I have Guems, too. For me, I go with what I like and try not to let ‘trends’ influence me. Glad to see your Potentilla is flourishing;-)

    March 29, 2011 at 2:07 pm

    • I only grow a few varieties, ‘Miss Willmott’ is a childhood favorite of mine, but I do enjoy the deep, brooding ‘Monarch’s Velvet’ I plan to mix it with some gold foliages and really have that gold and burgundy look. ‘Vulcan’ is an eye catching red, a real stand out kind of plant. Mix this in the front of blue borders to magnify the intensity of the blues. Always good to give contrasting ‘foot lights’ in the garden stage.

      March 29, 2011 at 3:54 pm

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